Since 1964, the Cash family has been raising premium quality Bluegrass sod in the south central area of Wisconsin.  Edward and Julie Cash founded Hanover Sod Farm the first summer they were married in 1975.  Today the farm is still run and managed by Ed and Julie along with an experienced staff of professionals


Turfgrass sod production has gone through many changes over the last 5 decades, but our commitment to quality has not changed.  It took many years to build our reputation for quality, both in service and the product that comes from our farm, and we take great strides in doing whatever it takes to protect that reputation.


Growing top quality Bluegrass sod requires total commitment to the final product.  Ed and Julie live on the main farm so they monitor the operations 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Beginning with the soil preparation, to the seeding, fertilizing, mowing and spraying, Ed is there to make sure that every aspect of the growing cycle can occur without interruption.  Even the harvest operation is overseen by Ed to make sure that only the finest quality turf is being harvested.


Julie oversees all office operations and many times will be the person you will talk to if you call and need to place an order or if you just need some information. 


With such dedication to detail it’s easy to see that when you order sod from Hanover Sod Farm you will be assured of getting nothing but the best turfgrass sod available.

Text Box: Customer satisfaction is our number one goal at Hanover Sod.  “There is no better sales tool in the world than a happy customer.”

Ed and Julie Cash

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The finished product—the result of up to 2 years of work and dedication—makes our product the finest available today!

Phone: 1-800-762-8430

Farm: 1-608-752-4030

Fax: 1-608-876-4148






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