This section will pertain to Turf maintenance once the turf has been established.  Ninety percent of turf problems stem from water or fertilizer, either to much or not enough, in most instances, not enough. 




Spring is the time of the year where the plant is actively growing above ground.  Any fertilizing done this time of year should contain about 50% slow release nitrogen so that you do not get a flush of rapid growth, plus the slow release will last into the summer when the plant growth will slow due to heat.  Apply in spring 1.5 pounds of nitrogen (the first number) per 1000 square feet, with 50% of the nitrogen being slow release.  At this time you should also apply some phosphorus (the second number) and some potassium (the third number). 


Mid to late August make another application of 1.5 pounds of nitrogen.


The last application will be the fall application of 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of Potassium per 1000 square feet.



The following is a program that we recommend:


Mid to late April– apply 27-6-9 or similar, with slow release nitrogen at the rate of 50 pounds per 9000 Sq. Ft.


Mid to late August– same as April application only make sure to apply just before a rain or water in with sprinkler.


Late October– apply 7-16-15 or similar, at the rate of 50 pounds per 7500 square feet.


These applications should fill the nutrient requirements of bluegrass on 90% of sites.


If you wish to only fertilize once a year, combine the late August and the late October applications into one and apply in late September or early October.  This will provide the minimum nutrients while still maintaining a decent appearance.


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