A field being seeded with only the finest seed available

Years ago, the most popular choice for many sod producers was  Merion Kentucky Bluegrass.  It was, in its day, one of the better picks from just a few cultivars available at the time.  But much has changed over the last five decades when it comes to seed varieties.  Great strides have been taken when it comes to genetic research and breeding programs at our universities and private seed companies around the world.  Today, with hundreds of varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass available and more coming every day, the modern Kentucky Blues are the more drought resistant, more disease resistant, more shade tolerant, more traffic tolerant and overall have a much better appearance than the Blues of old.


All sod produced at Hanover Sod Farm is raised from only the “Elite” of these modern varieties and only from “Gold Tag” certified seed that guarantees purity of seed as well as freedom of any foreign impurities such as weed seed.


The majority of the sod raised here is raised on dark loam soils, with some of it being on sandy loam, to meet the needs of any particular site as well as the preference of the buyer.  But it is  the quality of the grass plant itself,  established by its genetics,  that ultimately determines the finished product around your new home.


Over the years Hanover Sod has provided instant, beautiful green lawns to thousands of customers, including homeowners, universities, golf courses, athletic fields, municipalities, and commercial sites.



Text Box: All of our sod is  produced from  Gold Tag certified “Elite” varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass

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Phone: 1-800-762-8430

Farm: 1-608-752-4030

Fax: 1-608-876-4148

Email: jcturf@earthlink.net

Text Box: The sod harvested this season will consist of the following blend:
25% Everest
25% Explorer
25% Nu Glade
25% Prosperity

We publish our seed blends with pride because we feel the seed used is among the very best available.

Another new house on its way to becoming a new home with the addition of Quality Sod from Hanover Sod Farm.

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